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2024 Speaker:

Guy Heksch

Guy Heksch

Hospitality Strategist, Writer, Speaker, Presenter

Guy D. Heksch is a seasoned hospitality expert with over two decades of experience. Heksch’s approach is informed by his early start as a chef in many of the century’s renowned contemporary kitchens, including restaurants by Daniel Boulud, Guy Savoy, Alain Ducasse, Alain Passard and Mario Batali.

Heksch takes a deeply personal approach to hospitality, core to his personality: inquisitive, questioning, and warm. His methodology is premised on localising concepts and is influenced by his curiosities in architecture, urban planning, art, literature, and history. He quickly assesses what locals like, how they eat it, what it’s paired with, the environment in which it’s enjoyed and creates new experiences built on these understandings. Heksch refined his palette for multi-sensory experiences from a young age raised by a family of hoteliers. These memories have influenced his service-centred, locally-anchored and curiosity-first approach, informing his consulting work across multiple industries, including airlines, government, luxury five-star hotels and resorts, bespoke private events and food and beverage development.

Prior to his role as Chief Operating Officer, Omnam Group, Heksch stewarded food and beverage development globally as Global Vice President for Marriott International, the world’s largest travel company, throughout the acquisition of Starwood. Heksch is a Principal in Black Ceremony, an F&B consultancy guiding developers and asset managers, with headquarters in London.