Heleri Rande, F&B Strategist & Consulting Editor, SUPPER Magazine
Your seminar host:
Heleri Rande, F&B Strategist & Consulting Editor, SUPPER Magazine

Heleri is an F&B Strategist and the Consulting Editor of SUPPER Magazine, an international publication covering global hospitality food and beverage, so she is well placed to be chairing the seminar sessions at TO THE TABLE Europe.

Craig Milne Ben Webb

Wednesday 10th April, 09:00 – 10:00

The Future of Hotel Restaurant Design

Ben Webb, Founder - 3Stories
Craig Milne, Vice President Global Design Europe - Marriott International

Deconstructing successful hotel restaurant design and taking a closer look at what hotels need to do in order to remain competitive. Craig leads the global design team for Europe at Marriott International, so is well placed to share his perspective on this, while Ben Webb is an award winning designer focused on restaurants and bars, so together they will cover the innovation and vision required.

Gustaf Pilebjer Martin Jones

Wednesday 10th April, 13:50 – 14:50

Top Operators Panel Discussion

Martin Jones, Vice President Food and Beverage, Luxury Hotels, Europe – Accor Hotels
Gustaf Pilebjer, Director of Food and Beverage, Europe – Marriott International

Martin and Gustaf bring a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to this panel, as we highlight the key challenges facing the industry they will share their wisdom and discuss solutions.


Jozef Youssef

Thursday 11th April, 09:00 – 10:00

An Insight into the Multi-Sensory Experience

Jozef Youssef, Founder and Chef Patron - Kitchen Theory

Jozef will explain multi-sensory gastronomy, the way we process flavour and dining experiences in the mind. He will explore the scientific research that has been championed by leading psychologists from Oxford University and how this collaboration is resulting in more engaging, personal and unique dining experiences. He is also finding ways to channel this research towards building more sustainable food systems that encourage people to make more nutritious and sustainable food choices.

Marc Stierand David Singleton Ramjan Bhugeloo

Thursday 11th April, 13:50 – 14:50

Training and Retaining the Industry Front Line

Ramjan Bhugeloo, Regional Vice President HR for Europe and North Africa – Hyatt International
David Singleton, Area Vice President, EMEA/South Asia, Franchise Operations & Development - Hard Rock International
Marc Stierand PhD, Associate Professor and Director of Institute of Business Creativity - Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne

A common challenge within the hospitality is the shortage of skilled and experienced staff . In this session we will examine the best ways to recruit and retain, what sort of training and experience is relevant for the future and how education institutes and in-house training programmes can complement each other. Through collaboration, we can address discrepancies between coursework and the realities of HR practices.