Heleri Rande
Your seminar host:
Heleri Rande, Hospitality Strategist, Writer, Speaker, Presenter

Heleri is an experienced hospitality moderator and chairs the seminar sessions at TO THE TABLE Europe.

Christian Knerr Guy Heksch

Tuesday 7th September, 09:00 – 10:00

Seminar Presentation: The Culinary Perspective

Guy Heksch, Chief Operating Officer - Omnam Group
Christian Knerr, Director of Culinary EMEA - Marriott International

Our top culinary experts will be discussing the key challenges faced in a modern kitchen and the importance of the culinary team when creating, launching and operating restaurants. As Europe emerges from the coronavirus pandemic, there needs to be adaptations in the kitchen as well as the restaurant, so we will ask our experts to give their most effective adaptations to ensure our industry can recover. We will look for inspiration and guidleines for independent restaurants with smaller teams, as well as the hotel restaurants, to see how we can all approach a united recovery. We will then move on to discuss new trends in menus, the rise of delivery and how the culinary team works with the latest technology and the freshest ingredients, to ensure a journey where food and beverage create memorable moments.

Tina Norden, Director/Partner - Conran & Partners Robbie Bargh, Founder/Director - Gorgeous Group Erik Nissen Johansen, Creative Director & Founder - Stylt Trampoli AB

Tuesday 7th September, 13:50 – 14:50

Reinventing Luxury Restaurant Design for the 21st Century

Erik Nissen Johansen, Creative Director & Founder - Stylt Trampoli AB
Robbie Bargh, Founder/Director - Gorgeous Group
Tina Norden, Director/Partner - Conran & Partners

Leading restaurant designers will be looking at how hotels and restaurants are focusing on the needs of the guest of the future, what is important to the demographic of future guests and how this translates to a new definition of luxury. Key areas of design are now overlapping with sustainability goals, emerging technologies and smart lighting, so this now all ties in. They will also discuss the importance of involving the local community, to ensure the next generation of travellers who are looking for experiences and connections in their restaurant choices, feel connected and fulfilled by the restaurant design. We will also address the changing dynamic in the perception of luxury as we progress with a new generation, from the demand for new and exclusive, towards the more community orientated, sustainable, story-telling concepts. We also need to look at new guidlines around social distancing and how this is affecting restaurant and bar design and how we can adapt existing spaces to comply with guidelines and public demands.

David Chenery Julie Allison Robert Juntke

Wednesday 8th September, 09:00 – 10:00

Sustainability & the Future Guest Experience

Robert Juntke, Vice President Food & Beverage Design & Development EMEA - Marriott International
Julie Allison, Vice President Sustainability & Transformation - Accor Hotels
David Chenery, Director - Object Space Place, Sustainable Hospitality Design

Senior industry leaders will join forces to discuss the most prevalent issues affecting the F&B industry in Europe today and for the future. As we recover from the pandemic, we don’t want our sustainability goals to be forgotten. Sustainability is still a challenge and we will discuss the key components such as reducing waste, implementing kitchen and service technologies, sourcing local produce, sustaining the local region and creating a strong environmental ethos. We will be discussing new innovations needed to create a sustainable restaurant industry and how the total design and development of restaurants, bars and kitchens requires creative re-thinking. By tackling each issue and incorporating the solution at the design phase, then we can see positive change and sustainability. From there we will progress to translating this into an authentic green voice for your branding, digital marketing and social media, in order to attract the environmentally focused next generation of travellers and diners.

Eric Schumann - Branding & Marketing Expert Bruno Marti, Chief Brand Officer - 25hours Hotel Company Martin B Jones

Wednesday 8th September, 13:50 – 14:50

Branding, Reinvention and Disruption

Martin B Jones, Founder/Partner - Captivate Hospitality Partners
Bruno Marti, Chief Brand Officer - 25hours Hotel Company
Eric Schumann, Managing Director & Founder - Iconica Ventures

Our experts will be giving the industry a shake up and discussing branding and concept development, with a view to disrupt the status quo and reimagine European restaurants for the next normal. We will look at how to retain strength in your brand, while adapting new strategies to revive the industry in a post-COVID world. We will look at changing consumer habits and trends, and see what you can do for a positive effect on the industry as it gathers strength to bounce back.